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Current Research Group Members


Dr. Matt Orr is interested in exploring the connections between star formation, feedback, and turbulence in galaxies on scales from star-forming clouds to spiral galaxy disks.  He works with the FIRE simulations, exploring galaxy formation and evolution with scaling relations and synthetic observations. He is a joint Rutgers-Flatiron Postdoctoral Fellow. 

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Sabrina Appel's research is focused on comparing simulations of star-forming regions to analytic models of star formation. In particular, she studies the impact of stellar feedback processes, especially protostellar outflows. Her work includes analysis of existing simulation data, running new simulations, and code development for star formation simulations. She is a 4th-year Rutgers graduate student.

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Megan Tillman's research interests include studies of the low redshift Lyman-alpha forest from galaxy formation simulations and studies of the relationship between supermassive black holes (SMBHs) and galaxy properties.  She is a 2nd-year Rutgers graduate student. 

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Diane Salim's research interests include star formation and studies of machine learning and deep learning for fluid dynamics and galaxy formation.  She is currently studying superresolution techniques for Rayleigh-Benard Convection and MHD Turbulence. She is a 2nd-year Rutgers graduate student.

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Brandon Shane studies the effect of magnetic fields in star forming clouds.  In particular, his research focuses on disentangling the magnetic field direction and strength from Zeeman and dust Polarization observations. He is a 4th-year Rutgers undergraduate and the President of the Rutgers Astronomical Society

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 Michael O'Brien is interested in pattern formation, collective behavior, and multiscale dynamics in astrophysical, biophysical, and soft-condensed systems. He is studying MHD turbulence to find novel uses for higher-order spectral statistics and to understand parallels between classical turbulence and the spatio-temporal chaos found in active systems. He is a first-year graduate student at Harvard and a Flatiron Institute intern.

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Avery Kiihne is investigating what physical processes control star formation in molecular clouds by comparing numerical simulations and synthetic observations to dust extinction and spectral line observations.  They are a 4th year undergraduate at Rutgers. 

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Lori Porter is investigating the relationship between galaxy gas metallicity and galaxy properties such as the star formation rate, galaxy halo mass, and gas velocity dispersion in the FIRE simulations.  She is a 3rd year undergraduate at the University of Louisville and a Flatiron Institute intern.  

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